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Situated around the coast of your Gulf of Bothnia, Raahe can be a seaside town renowned for its old wooden town centre. Called the Town of Sea Winds, Raahe is often a cosy, welcoming town with much to offer going to tourists. You will find five museums to pay a visit to, Raahe Museum, Sovelius House, Saloinen Museum, Ojala Museum along with the Old Pharmacy. Raahe includes a fine guest harbour and you can charter the Fiia of Raahe, a 21,5 meters lengthy topsail schooner, or other a lot more prevalent craft. Highlights in Raahe’s events calendar include things like Raahe Music Week, Jazz on the Beach Festival, the Brahe Classica and Pekka’s Day. Get extra information and facts about raaheguide

Less than 100km south of Oulu, Raahe was founded in 1649 by Count Per Brahe the Younger, the Governor General of Finland, and has created into a modern centre exactly where Info Technologies, the steel business, and one of Finland’s busiest ports all jostle comfortably with its historical Old Town. Following a devastating fire in 1810, Raahe was rebuilt using a Renaissance-inspired rectilinear town strategy which options a central square (Pekkatori Square) with closed corners. The Old Town consists of 152 dwellings and 240 rear buildings, however it isn't an open-air museum, rather it can be a thriving, vibrant centre around which the additional modern town revolves.

Tourist attractions Raahe

Old Raahe is one on the oldest wooden towns in Finland. At its heart is Pekkatori Square, exactly where the Lang, Fontell, Montin, Frieman, Hedmansson and Kivi-Sovio houses show the influence of neo-classicism. In Myhrberg Park you will see the oldest dwelling in Raahe, Sovelius House which was built within the 1780s and now acts as a museum. The ground floor is within the Art Nouveau style, with rooms for changing exhibitions, when the first floor has been restored within the type of a home to get a wealthy shipowner and merchant inside the 1890s. Elsewhere facing the park visitors can view the Sovio House which is owned by the town and includes Raahe’s cultural office, its banqueting hall and reception rooms, plus four conference rooms which can be rented out.

Even without having the delightful Old Town, Raahe features a wealth of cultural attractions to captivate visitors. The Raahe Museum holds the distinction of getting the oldest museum of cultural history in Finland, founded in 1862 by Doctor Carl Robert Ehrström, and housed within the Old Customs House. The museum’s pride is ‘the Old Gentleman’, the oldest diving suit in world, created of leather and dating back towards the 18th century. In the Saloinen Museum you’ll uncover a collection of artefacts and photographs recording the lives of local inhabitants exhibited amongst 18 old buildings, mostly relating the history of fishing and agriculture. The Ojala residence, built in 1800, has been a farm house, a shelter for the sick and also the old, an old folks home, and is now a museum. Local craftsmen use the museum for cultural events and exhibitions within the summer time. Raahe also has an Old Pharmacy museum containing one of Finland’s most beneficial collections of apothecary jars, as well as equipment and instruments used in the preparation of medicines, and old pharmacy wrappings and packages.

Raahe boasts two churches created by architect Josef Stenbäck, each completed in 1912. Within the granite Church of Raahe you can view the altar piece ‘Awakening Hope’ which was painted by Eero Järnefelt in 1926, and inside the Pattijoki Church the gold plated wooden altar piece, ‘Crucifixion of Christ’ is Tyrolean. Within the Church of Saloinen, completed in 1932, you could view medieval photos of saints as well as a Saint Cabinet in the 15th century which were rescued in the old church. The bell tower originates from 1783.

Raahe hosts several different different events all through the year, beginning with February’s Raahe Music Week, the pretty preferred Jazz on the Beach festival held every single July, plus the Brahe Classica festival held every autumn. In April, the town comes alive to the Raahe Spring Marketplace, as well as the weekend following Midsummer the locals celebrate Pekka’s Day. In October the Autumn Market place is held, and there's also a Children’s Culture Week.

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